"I have a special ability that none of the others have, that is besides the dead Silvio. I can use the force."
— Zaine La'Tonya



Born to a poor family on Tatooine, along with his brother, Zed, which is quite unusal for members of the La’Tonya, since most were from Corellia. Not being the friendliest

type, Zaine had only a few close friends. His parents were soon supposedly killed by Rebels, from then on he had a strong hatred for the Rebellion


Blasters could be heard, in a constant Thump, Thump sort of way. Zaine knew the snow speeders couldn't penetrate the AT-AT's armor..... Zaine clutched his E-11

rifle to his chest, as all the other troops did. "This is it," Zaien heard one of the

troopers say. "Time to finish these rebel scums once and for all." The AT-AT came to a halt, so the troops could unload. The AT-AT fired sveral times, blowing the shield

generator that guarded Echo Base, into a smoldering pile of super-heated metal and debri. The troops moved into the Rebel Base, but waited the command of Lord Vader.

Lord Vader entered the base and ordered the troopers to kill any rebel they encountered. Zaine, being at the front of the troops, scored most of the kills. Most of

the "important" Rebels escaped (Dash Rendar, Han Solo, Leia etc). Echo Base was for sure, an Imperial victory.....

Criminal UprisingEdit

The La’Tonyas were becoming an increasing threat to the galaxy, increasingly expanding throughout Corellia. Zaine sought this as the perfect chance to do

something more with his life. Zaine joined the La’Tonya crime family, a mafia-oriented gang led by “God Father” Diaz La’Tonya. Zaine started out an agent

for the La’Tonya, but was quickly promoted to Top Agent for his great leadership abilities. Being top agent, he was most favored by the boss (God Father) and had command of all the agents and hitmen of the La’Tonya, including the Top Hitman. His

brother Zed continued on and joined the crime family as well, becoming one of the hitmen. The La’Tonyas had complete control of the Corellian Capital, Coronet and

were greatly expanding throughout the galaxy. Diaz was apparently killed, but it turned out only to be a clone of himself……the real Diaz soon returned......
Jaysen Ayrne
Zaine La'Tonya
Biographical information
Date of birth25 BBY
Physical description
Height1.88 meters
Hair colorBlack (formerly brown)
Eye colorbrown
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era
AffiliationThe La'Tonyas Crime Family