The Uta-3eA2 is the standard Utapau soldier armor. Neo, Noe, and Esis came up with the armor design.
Production information
ManufacturerEsisEx Systems
EquipmentIntegrated Ammo Storage for Dc-15C and the 15C's grenade launcher, Light Shielding
Technical specifications
SizeHumanoid Size; Custom fit for a Human or a Utai
UseSoldier Combat Armor
Era(s)New Republic Era
AffiliationUtapau Star Empire

This armor, as figured out in the suppression of the Utai in Exilinople, works extremely well in conjuction to the standard Utapau rifle, the Dc-15C. The armor was then upgraded to a pack that held DC-15C rounds and grenades. Soldiers using the armor and rifle are nicknamed "Enforcers".

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