"Let me ail what cures you" - Tota Fenall.

Tota Fenall
Homeworld Ithor
Species Ithorian
Gender male
Height 1.92 meters
Hair Color none
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Drug Lord, Mercenary, Officer For Kyra Himura

Tota Fenall (61 ABY -) is the top Drug Lord on RPG-SAGA.

==Description:== Tota is a Ithorian Drug Lord. He is quite tall for a Ithorian. Tota is strong and like all other ithorians can use his scream as a powerful weapon. Tota is jumpy in times of trouble though.

===Occupation:=== As a Drug Lord Tota's job is to make sure everything is going to plan. He has to make the transports for the drugs, find and make the drugs, and make sure the deals go down. He also has to destroy the competition to himself. He lastly servers Kyra as a officer making her plans and helping her with her own plans.