Manufacturer MRC/Kuat Drive Yards(hull)
Model Experimental Super Star Destroyer Zion
Class Super Star Destroyer(unique)
Length 11 500 metres
Hyperdrive Class 1.0
Crew 400 000
Passengers 38 000(troops)

300 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries/ 200 Ion Cannons/ 600 Point Defence Laser Cannons/ 20 Corona Cannons/ 20 Tractor Beam Projectors/ 1 Needle Laser Cannon/ 2 Experimental Warhead Launchers/ 1 Shield Rerouter

Shields 95 000 SBD
Hull 50 000 RU
Starfighter Complement

12: TIE Front Line Fighter/ 48: TIE Interceptor/ 24: TIE V38 Phantom/ 12: Alpha Class XG-1 Star Wing/ 24: TIE Defender/ 10: Shuttles/ 6: Experimental Corona Bomber

Cargo Capacity 270 000 metric tons
Consumables 10 years
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Zion was build as a test site for new weapon systems, its powerfull armament offers good protection against any agressor becose of this it is used as Moff o´Sheas command ship. With its new technologys but also with its sheer size it makes a good front line warship aswell as a good testsite.