As always, the Crime Syndicate has been troublesome throughout the Galaxy. After Jabba the Hutt, many new Hutts tried to re-established a Crime Organization, yet failed. Now, in the outerskirts of the Galaxy, on a desert World a crime Organization is being created and joining the ranks are Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, smugglers and much more scum of the Galaxy!

The Crime Syndicate
Form of Government Confederacy
Official language Galactic Basic Standard
Capital Tatooine
Head of Crime Syndicate Kyra Himura
Formed from Black Sun
Establishment Currently Unknown

Here is a list of factions within the Crime Syndicate:

Smugglers Smuggling is illegal transport, in particular across a border. Taxes are avoided; or the goods themselves are illegal; or people are transported to a place where they are not allowed to be.

Bounty Hunters someone who pursues fugitives or criminals for whom a reward is offered

Mercenary A mercenary is a soldier who fights, or engages in warfare primarily for money

Slaver a person engaged in slave trade

Spies Espionage is the practice of obtaining secrets (spying) from rivals or enemies for military, political, or economic advantage.

Drug Dealers/Drug Suppliers Drug Suplliers.They are in charge of everything to do with drug dealing, from getting the drugs, or makeing them, or finding someone to make them, to makeing sure the smugglers, or whoever transports them to the dealers. Drug Dealers. They sell the drugs, there uselly cunning and can avoid most planetary security forces when being investaged about the dealings.

Weapon Suppliers/Dealers Weapon Supplier: They are in charge of everythign to do with weapon dealers in the syndicate. Weapon Dealers: they sell the weapons, weither legal or not.

Husselers Husslers: they are con artists, selling false/fake goods. They cheat on gambeling, weither its card games, or mechanical machines, they are masterminds when it comes to technology of security systems and are often used to break out prisoners for transport by smugglers.