Manufacturer New Republic - [1]
Model Modified B-Wing
Class Light Starfighter
Length 16 meters (folded) 4 meters (unfolded)
Width/Wingspan 5 meters
Depth/Height 2 meters (folded) 16 meters (unfolded)
Max Speed (in standard atmosphere) 2120 km/h
Max Acceleration 60 km/s/s
Hyperdrive Class 2.0 Oldey
Sub-light Engine Crusader 6.1
Crew Pilot(1) Gunner(1)
Passengers 0
Affiliation Corona


In it's first year of production, the Stingray model was thrown out by the New Republic for it's tendency to "spin out" when hyperspace was engaged. However, when Corona, a bounty-hunter on the rise, found the remnants of it on Tatooine, he rebuilt it with his newfound gunner, Lak'Ren. Together they reconstructed the old B-Wing model into a fast, bulky starfighter.

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