Naboo Royal Security ForcesEdit


The Royal Naboo Security Forces were the premier line of defense for both the Theed Royal Palace and the citizens of Naboo. A peaceful people, the Naboo retained only security officers and guards, rather than a true military organization.

The Security Forces were forced into their first real battle against the organization called the Trade Federation in 32 BBY, and fought valiantly, yet in vain, against its battle droid legions during the Invasion of Naboo. Fortunately, Queen Amidala and Security Head Captain Panaka, rallied the troops upon their return to Naboo, and were able to capture the enemy, Viceroy Nute Gunray, and end the droid occupation. The Security Forces continued to protect Naboo following these battles, though adopted many increased security measures during the Separatist crisis and the eventual Clone Wars.

Again, the Security Forces had to show their determination when the Empire became the new galactic order. Naboo's then-queen, Apailana, had been housing Jedi runaways fleeing from the Empire's Great Jedi Purge at her own risk. When it was ordered that Apailana be executed for treason, the Empire has prepared its elite 501st Legion of stormtroopers, knowing her bold security guards from the original Battle of Naboo would not just surrender their queen without a fight.

Indeed, the Security Forces tried their best to hold off the 501st during what was later called the Fall of Naboo. However, the Royal Palace was soon besieged. The Naboo forces were quickly beheaded without a strong leader like Panaka had once been. Auto-turrets were shut down and the grid console destroyed. Most of the security and palace fighters met their dooms. At last, Apailana was assassinated in the royal plaza in the midst of the battle.

The Royal Naboo Security Forces was, at last, not only defeated, but also disassembled by the Empire. Most of the remaining survivors loyal to Apailana were quietly arrested and transported to the unknown Death Star detention centers.

The Queen's Royal Guard (established for the following queen, Kylantha) took the place of the once-experienced Royal Naboo Security Forces. Rather than having many branches as the old security forces, the Royal Guard was made up of only a select few bodyguards who the monarch knew on a personal level. No longer would Naboo even have a small military. Protection of Naboo and its systems would be completely left up to the Imperial stormtroopers up until the rise of the New Republic.

Nonetheless, a coalition of the remaining Naboo loyalists opposed to the Empire and the Gungan Grand Army were able to free the planet from the Empire during an uprising in 4 ABY, freeing the planet from Imperial forces just as they had freed it from the Trade Federation over three decades earlier.

The RSF was comprised of volunteers and professionals, and was split into a number of factions for effective peace-keeping:


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