Max's Hate
Production information

Kuat Systems Engineering


Modified Firespray-class patrol and attack ship



Technical specifications

30.5 meters


28.3 meters


9.8 meters

Maximum acceleration

2,500 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,500 km/h

Engine unit(s)

Modified Corellian Mark V Engine

Hyperdrive rating

Class .8

Power plant

4 X-F-16 power generators


Mon Calamari Ray Shielding


Baktoid Supreme Durasteel

Sensor systems

Kuat Ultra-Sensors, capable of locating targets from 8,000 km away

Targeting systems

Advanced State-Of-The-Art Heads-Up Display (comparable to the HUD of an F-22)

Navigation system

5th Gen. Flight Computer

  • Sensor masking and jamming systems
  • Flares
  • 1 pair of blaster cannons
  • 1 pair of Z-6 rotary blaster cannons
  • 1 Ion Cannon
  • 1 Proton Torpedo launcher
  • 1 Concussion Missile launcher
  • 1 Minelayer (Loaded with seismic charges)
  • Anti-Personnel flamethrowers
  • Anti-Personnel cluster rockets
  • 1 nuclear warhead
  • Pilot (1)
  • Co-pilot/Gunner/Navigator (2)

2 + 3 prisoner holds (one being Anti-Force)

Cargo capacity

150 metric tons


Max-Tex's personal hunting vessel


New Republic era, Generation era



Max's Hate or Hate is the Firespray starship owned by Max-Tex.

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

Modified Advanced Artificial Intellegence System (AAIS) that is programmed for many functions including advanced speech protocals, GPS/Bio-Sig tracking, damage assessment, statistical information, historical databases (sometimes secretly sliced off of local archives) and a unique personality off-sprung from an internal glitch. One of her primary functions is uploading lists of bounties for Max.


Max's Hate, as it's called by it's owner, Max-Tex, is one of many of the Kuat Industries' revitalized vast collection of Firespray starcraft. How Max aquires ships like these is unknown. What is known is that the ship has been greatly customized by it's owner including a faster and more manueverable sub-light engine (the original designs were as fast as a Y-Wing, which proved inefficent for any bounty hunter.) and various hidden suprise weapons.


360 Degree rotating blaster cannons, hidden Merr-Sonn Z-6 "Chaingun" repeater blasters, ion cannon, proton torpedoes & concussion missiles, anti-personnel cluster rockets, crushing seismic charges, and an unconfirmed nuclear warhead. All of these are likely to get the ship impounded by the New Republic, but thanks to an Anti-Personnel Security Field (A-PSF) nobody besides Max and whomever he approves aboard can touch the ship without getting fried, blasted, or electrocuted. He has also expanded the overall interior of the ship big enough to house his personal BARC speederbike, the Diablo.

Max's Diablo

"Max's Diablo"

The interior of the ship consists of the Diablo in a special hanger, 3 fugitive holding cells (and one anti-Force cell for Force Using beings), cargo and weapons compartments, a special compartment for his Mandalorian Armor, and ducts to repair engine, hyperdrive, and shield generator.


Max has owned and lost about 8 of these ships, each one replacing the other since they either get blown up or just worthless. Each one also gets better than the other and upgraded in someway. The A.I. of the ship also has a connection with Max's battle helmet (like Solid Snake's Codec with Otacon) which relays him important strategic advantages and situation updates. Should the Hate be destroyed in any event, the A.I. uploads and backs up it's information and sentience into Max's battle helmet as a fail-safe (much like IG-88 ).

Other illegal mods include a 30 Standard second-lasting cloaking device, "duck blip" radar jammer, and a military radar masker.

Hate's Weapons

Detailed weaponry mapout


Amazingly, the ship even survived a five-thousand year hiatus after Max's death. The ship was buried under the sand seas of Tatooine, where it was never disturbed again. Local Sand People would often venture in search of the great ship, but none have returned with any evidence to it's whereabouts. Max's son, Drex-Tex, is the one who hid it so well. It wasn't until 4,990 ABY that a living descendant Maximus-Tex found it using clues placed by his ancestors. The systems were still fully-operational, but extremely obsolete and corrupt. Maximus had no choice but to re-install Hate's CPU into a new Firespray and upgrade it.