Name: Mantos Fertus Age:24 Profession:Jedi Hunter/Bounty Hunter Force Sensitive Skin Colour: Pale White

Chapter 1

Mantos Fertus

Mantos Fertus was born on Tattoine. His rival is his old neighbor John Gimpe. Mantos's hate for John has lead to many battles between them. One of these battles led Mantos to learn about John's heritage, his grandfather was a jedi. Imperials payed a lot of credits for a living jedi brought to them.

Chapter 2

Soon to be rich beyond his wildest dreams, Mantos was exited about turning in Kalik Gimpe (John's Grandpa) to the Imperials, but he was more exited that the possibility that John would die with his family. But it didn't happen. After the murder of John's family, Manto's heard that John was looking for him. Manto's new that John wasn't strong enough to handle a whole Imperial squad so he would take out his anger on him. Manto's had to get off Tattoine...

Chapter 3: Saved by an enemy

It was either luck or just chance that he came across Dr. Feader. Mantos knew that he had a price on his head, a high price. When Dr. Feader found out that Mantos was going to try to kill him, he suggested to either start a chase or just fight. But of course, Mantos wanted a challenge so he agreed to the chase. Mantos chased Dr. Feader around the town, but ended up back in the bar. He got shot by Dr. Feader. Knocked out, was found by Jedi Initiate John Gimpe and got brought back to the temple.

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