Ky'Lek Raan (18 BBY-) is fictional character on a roleplaying server, RPG-System, for the game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

"The feeling that you are equal to all others; the serenity, helping people in need and ridding the galaxy of evil, that is the feeling of being a Jedi."
Ky'Lek Raan

Story Edit


Ky'Lek, born on Vjun, was quickly taken off of the hazardous planet in order to find a safer planet. Upon arrival of Naboo, Ky'Lek was discovered by his parents to be force sensitive. Although he was required to go to the Academy, his parents refused, which ended up in Ky'Lek starting late. At the age of 11, Ky'Lek was taken to the Jedi Academy to begin his training.

Training & InjuryEdit

He found his Master at 13, a man named Jorhun Isam. He was harsh, strict, and abusive. At 100 successful Force pushes a day, Ky'Lek fell into a coma on his third day of training. The coma lasted one year and two months. Upon waking up, the doctors in the room lifted up off the ground, and crashed into the wall. Apparently, his coma had kept Force energy stored up, and when awaking, it was released. The entire hospital began to shake, and collapsed not two minutes after Ky'Lek woke up. This incident killed Jorhun Isam, who was entering the hospital to see Ky'Lek upon word that he had awaken. Ky'Lek was required to find a new Master, however no Master wanted to teach him. The other students ridiculed him with. 'Freak!' and, 'Insane'. One day, however, a man named Leo Maun, a Jedi Knight, accepted Ky'Lek as his apprentice. He controlled his powers; he taught Ky'Lek how to bottle up the mass of energy inside, and channel it, to control his Force powers.


Ky'Lek became a Jedi Knight at the age of 21; he is one of the council's most valuable, and has gone on over 20 missions around the galaxy. He has been a Jedi Knight ever since.
Quin Vos
Ky'Lek Raan
Biographical information
HomeworldNaboo; born on Vjun
Date of birth18 BBY
Physical description
Height6ft. 4in.
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorLight purple
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era
AffiliationNew Jedi Order, Alliance of Free Planets, New Republic

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