Name: John Surname:Gimpe Age:17 Skin Colour: White Favorite weapon: Grandpa's Lightsaber Force: Light Force Sensitive Profession:Bartender

Chapter 1

John Gimpe was born on Tattoine. He has been rivals with Mantos Fertus since birth. He worked at Scum and Wampa's for 10 years as a bartender. One day he went home and his whole family was destroyed. He found a lightsaber on the ground near his grandpa. He knew who did it, Mantos. From then on he carried his grandfathers lightsaber everywhere.

Chapter 2

Earlier today, Renik Gimpe and his padawan John Gimpe were attacked by a sith assasin. Renik killed the unknown sith, but John had to get rushed to a hspital because of a lightsaber slash to the eye. The medical droid took what was left of his eye and replaced with a new robotic eye.

New information:

When Renik went to check up on his padawan. John had disapeared. When his Academy room was investigated, all of his possesions had disapeared too.

[New name: Jeraco Sunrider Age: 32 Home: Corellia Fav. weapon: His black and white lightsaber Force faction: Neutral]

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