"A Jedi's strenght flows not from the lightsaber, but from the force and the strenght within you. We are all merely servents of the force."
— Jedi Master Jaysen Ayrne

Jaysen Ayrne is a Jedi Master character on the RPG server, RPG-System for the PC game, Jedi Kkight: Jedi Academy. He is strong in the force, and one of the youngest ever appointed Jedi Masters within the Jedi Order.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Looks and AppearancesEdit


Jedi Master Jaysen Ayrne holding his lightsaber.

Jaysen Ayrne resembles Anakin Skywalker in many ways, but there were many differences. ‘’More to come later.’’


Lightsaber Skills and Combat SkillsEdit


Master Ayrne and Master De’Vias before beginning a sparring match.

""His abilities have made him… well, arrogant.""
— Jedi Master Aeron Zaron

Jaysen was trained to use several different forms, including a full mastery of the form Makashi and a full mastery of the form Shien/Djem So

Mastery of the Lightsaber form, Soresu

Full mastery of the Lightsaber form, Makashi’’’

Master ofthe Lightsaber form, Niman / Jar'Kai

Mastery of the Lightsaber form, Sokan (Later to Learn)

Full mastery of the Lightsaber form, Form V: Shien/Djem So

Mastery of the Lightsaber form, Mounted Lightsaber Combat

Mastery of the hand-to-hand combat, Teräs Käsi’’’


Early LifeEdit

Child Hood and DiscoveryEdit

"Clouded and confused this boys future is"
— A Member of the Jedi Council

Jaysen at the age of ten running through the Tatooine Desert, trying to evade a group of Tusken Raiders.

At the age of three, Jaysen, his brother and his parents became the slaves of the vile slug, Durraca the Hutt. Years later, he and his mother were lost in a swoop racing bet to a tedious hutt mobster named Durgba the Hutt. When the Jedi learned of his force skill, they immediately attempted to take him in. Train him as a Jedi, in the ways of the Force. Even at a young age, Jaysen had a reputation for being able to build or repair almost anything. This was evidenced by the creation of his own astromech droid RD-32, as well as a swoop bike, each constructed from salvaged and “borrowed” parts, and both completed by the time he was ten. Jaysen also excelled in anything that had to do with science and mathematics.

Training and the Darkness WithinEdit

"Stretch out. Use the Force. Your eyes can deceive you..."
— Jedi Master Aeron Zaron

Jaysen was taken into the order at age ten and a half. The Jedi Council did not believe he was too old, for they did not follow all of the same guidlines the old order did. Jaysen's master was highly spoken of in the Jedi Order. He was quiet, and had a great understanding of the Force. Jaysen was trained in the lightsaber form, Form V and Form II: Makashi. At the age of 15, Jaysen could best his master in a sparring match.

Middle LifeEdit


At the age of 19, Jaysen was ellect as a fully fledged Jedi Knight, having passed his trials.


Executor CaidousEdit

"The Jedi are selfless, thinking only of others. The Sith and Dark Jedi are both self centered, always having a list for more and more power. I stand inbetween both of them, neither a Jedi, or a Sith. That is why I chose the Empire as my new home, for they think of others and themselves."
Military Executor Caidous, formerly know as Jaysen Ayrne, aboard the Lusankya
Jaysen Ayrne
Jaysen Ayrne
Biographical information
Date of birth20.6 BBY
Physical description
Height1.85 meters
Hair colorBrown, formerly blond
Eye colorBrown
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic Era
AffiliationThe Jedi Order, The Galactic Empire