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Invasion of Utapau
Conflict: Utapau Crisis
Date: 6 ABY
Place: Utapau
Outcome: Imperial victory

Imperial Remnant

Utapau Star Empire, Utapau Republic


  • General Dik Talz
  • 1/3 of Exelor Command Staff


  • Utapau Defense Forces
  • Seryx Commandos




"All units, you are about to embark upon Utapau to overthrow their leader. We will begin by capturing hole after hole on this backwater planet until we find him. Eliminate his military and the planet is ours in the name of our own leader. Good hunting."
Grand General Grahner Pol

Imperial BlockadeEdit

After months of planning, the Empire finally got the green light to blockade and invade the Utapau system. As soon as dropships came in loaded with the machines of the Remnant, the battle was underway. Utapau was taken totally by suprise as the 501st intervened. Resistance was stiff, but was a nail to the hammer. Sinkhole 0-0-4 and Sinkhole 345 and their commanding officers were taken swiftly. Even High General Wraith went to clash with Exelor's forces, leading his merciless troopers into battle. Unfortunately, the location of Neo Exelor is not confirmed and fighting will continue on the dusty world until he is found. Stormtrooper General, Ryan or "TK-409" even clashed with the Exelor commando's, leading his battalions to swiftly ovver-run Exelor's forces.

"Do not stop your attack until he is found! I want him alive, and in good condition. The Grand Admiral would not be pleased if Exelor was dead."
General Ryan to his troops before the beginning of the battle


"Target the western hemisphere of the planet, that way we will for surely not hit our own troops."
Grand Admiral Nexvold at his arrival

Growing impatient with the hunt for Exelor, even with bounty hunter intervention, Grand Admiral Nexvold arrived to make sure the rogue corporate was caught. With the fleet in orbit and the arrival of Wraith's new vessel, the Dark Acolyte II, the Empire initiated an Order Base-Delta-Zero on the surface. Utapau was virtually decimated of life in the desperate attempt to end Exelor's life. Some Imperial troopers that couldn't recieve the message because of possible communications failure were wiped out by the massive orbital raid. Still, Exelor couldn't be found. Even if he was off-planet, he would lose one of his most prized resources in the galaxy and would continue to be hunted.

What Happened to ExelorEdit

"It came out of nowhere......I don't know what it was, but it was huge! It destroyed my ship...and then, the lights!."
— Unindentified Merchant Trader

It is currently unknown where Exelor is now, but some say he took his ships and some of his army out long before the battle. Some others speculate that his fleet is larger than ever, but it is widely disputed. Recently, the destruction of numerous civillian ships in miscellaneous systems has been credited to him, but there is no proof.

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