Imperial Secret Service

They don't exist, only the closest to The Fuhrer know of their existance. They operate only under the guidance and orders of The Fuhrer, Emperor Wraith (and Executor Jaysen Ayrne when he comes to power) and few other high ranking Remnant members.

Higher Authority

  • Agent 120 - Zolar Vass


  • Agent 132 - James "The Shadow" Rane
  • Agent 141 - Garret "Blaze" Herdimn
  • Agent 150 - Jena Syrus
  • Agent 162 - Jeb "The Hound" Fang
  • Agent 172 - Cid Orin

The Agents themselves contain no family relationships, they pocess an identity of their own. Higher than the Administration, the Imperial Secret Service truly are the Galaxy's finest, five enhanced and specialized 'Agents' make up the tiny association. The Agents are equipped in the most elite and up to date equipment in the Galaxy known to man.


Getting into the Secret Service is extremely hard, your character must be particularly well known in the Criminal World (to name one) to join into the ISS.

  • - He must have no family connections and be willing to risk his life on important assignments.
  • - The member cannot feel emotions such as guilt, sadness or greed.
  • - The ability to use the Galaxy's most skillful vehicles, weaponry and devices is essential.

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