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Murders on CorelliaEdit

Hello, I* am reporter Kurt Brockman here on Intergalactic News. Recently, bodies have been appearing on the streets and even in peoples own houses, dead. The murderer bears a 'signature' way of killing, he rips out there spines.. Recently we found the body of a man named Galf Mandarake on the streets, decapitated and his spine ripped out. We also found the body of old retired lady, Reraro Lok nearthe apratment building, with every single bone in her body crushed. However this may be irrelevant to the discussion, it could of merely been a drunken air speeder accident. In other news, the twi'lek mud wrestling federation...

Stay tuned for more information!!!! -posted July 9

Is John Gimpe BackEdit

Today, in an apartment on Corellia, Jeraco Sunrider was beleived to be killed by the long lost teenager, John Gimpe. But the interesting thing is that he had no robotic eye and appeared to only age 3 years since he dissapeared.

Stay tuned for more information!!!! -posted July 8

Chiss Forces Rebel Against the EmpireEdit

According to our sources, the Chiss have retaliated against the Galactic Imperial Remnant for the death of one of their kind, the former Grand Admiral Nexvold. It appears that a Imperial General attempted to enter CHiss space, but was attacked and forced to retreat. He lost three Star Destroyers in the process......

Stay tuned for more information!!!! -posted July 8

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