Ardric Nexvold is the Grand Admiral/Supreme Commander of the Empire character on RpG-System

Grand Admiral Ardric NexvoldEdit

"The use of fear shall keep the local systems in line. "
— Ardric Nexvold quoting Tarkin

Ardric Nexvold, or Grand Admiral Ardric Nexvold is the Grand Admiral/Supreme Commander of the Imperial Remnant. He has control of every star fighter, to every last Imperial Stormtrooperand is a member of the Imperial Council. It is said that the Admiral is force sensitive, and it is showed by his actions. Increased reaction times, hightened senses etc, but that is currently a mystery. As captain of the Lusankya, the 19,000 km Super-Star Destroyer, he can easily install fear in the local systems, keeping them inline.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Nexvold was a native of Csilla, but at a young age, his family moved to Coruscant, which was his home until his early teens.

Nexvold entered the Imperial Naval Academyat the age of 15. It is even said he served with Han Solo for a time.


""I was overjoyed when he returned and I finally found a general I could follow with a genuine hope of victory, rather than an endless string of defeats""
— Grand Admiral Ardric Nexvold

Rise of the RemnantEdit

""You are in command of the Empire now, Nexvold.""
In the years following the defeat at Endor, Nexvold attempted to direct the remaining resources of the starfleet in order to maintain a united front against the Rebel Alliance and its successor, the New Republic. He was successful. He created many devastating warships to front against The New Republic, including Dark Acolyte, Lusankya and The Nova.
Ardric Nexvold
Biographical information
Date of birth20 BBY
Physical description
Height1.73 meters
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorGreen
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era
AffiliationGalactic Empire, Imperial Remnant