Early LifeEdit

Neo Exelor Sr. was born in 29 ABY, into a middle-class family.

During the Clone Wars, Neo had it rough. His parents had joined the order, as his grandparents were left to raise him. His father was killed in the Geonosian Arena, as his mother was killed sometime later at the hands of General Grievous. Neo's grandparents shortly after fell into the abyss; his grandfather got cancer and died, and his grandmother was mistaken for a bounty, and shot to death.

First Attempts as BusinessEdit

At a young age, after the death of his guardians, Neo bought a small factory, where he decided to make ships. He started slow, gained money, and kept buying factories. After awhile, he found himself an industry giant, where he also knew he could do just about anything. He decided not to deal with the rebels, so he didn't have the Empire on his ass. He didn't associate himself with the Empire either, but the Empire turned the other way, as they didn't care very much.

The Fall of a Good ManEdit

After the fall of the Emperor, Neo was afraid the Rebellion would take him into account for not helping the cause, therefore marking him as an imperial. He went to General Wraith, and exchanged Capitol ships for Magnaguards. Then after, Neo Exelor Jr. escaped to the Jedi Academy, where he was accepted as a jedi. He tried to exchange Neo for his sister, Eosis, but the Jedi did not accept. Neo tried to kill Eosis, but she escaped before he could. She was now under the protection of the Jedi.

Dreams of ConquestEdit

Sometime after he tried to kill Eosis, he cloned himself; he made a younger version of himself to have a "Real" son. Noe Exelor was made, and once that was done, Neo's dreams could be unfolded.

Neo needed a new place; a new home; he chose Utapau, and readied for it. He formed his own army, made his own High Command, and the invasion of Utapau was ready.

((-Current Day-))
Neo Exelor
Biographical information
Date of birth29 BBY
Date of death52 ABY
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era, New Jedi Order era
AffiliationExelor Star Fleet