Region Outer Rim/Unknown Space
Sector Not Mapped
System Gehena
Suns 3: Asahi and Two Unnamed
Moons 6(including Entou)
Primary terrain Barren
Native species none
Immigrated species Oni(Once Humans)
Official language Genji
Affiliation Kingdom of Gehena


Gehena is a barren and rocky world, its atmosphere and surrounding space fetures strong Ion Storms making space flights dangerus. Locatid in the unknown space of the Outer Rim only very few even know of its existence and even less ever visited it. The surface of Gehena is known for its wild storms and its never ending darkness, making living there a hard task, ther is no notable native intelligent live and only a poor vegetation.

History Edit

In the year 6345 BBY a smal group of sith under the lead of Goro Aoki managed to split up from the original sith order, and foundid ther own kingdom on the remote planet Gehena, a rocky world locatid in the outer rim, with a lot of ion storms in the atmosphere making it hard to land or leave the planet. They called themself Oni and Goro Aoki became the first king, they formed ther own technics from the sith battle styles,calling it Funsen. The Oin had some smaler fights with the Republic from time to time but in 3993 BBY a peace treaty was signed with the Republic to guarantee Gehenas independence, after that there was barly any contact between the Oni and the rest of the Galaxy. Even the Empire dident care abaut The litle kingdom.

The Oni Edit

The Oni are near human who where once human/sith but since ther long isolation and the limitid gene pool they are a litle bit diffrent from normal humans. Since Gehena is a very dark planet the eyes of the population have adoptid to this, allowing them to clearly see shapes and colors even in areas where a average prerson woud barly see anything, but very bright places are disturbing for them, even hurting ther eyes. Since the founders of the Oni where sith, force sensetivy is common, abaut 25 percent of the overall population is force sensetive, almost 55 percent is partially force sensetive. The Oni have slightly longer and way sharper canines, this might aswell be a result of the limitid gene pool, jet the true reason for this is unknown.

Genji is the language spoken by the Oni, it is a dialect of Sithese but changed radically in grammar and pronunciation only using most of the original vocabularies. even if evryone whos abel to speak basic is abel to learn Genji no one outside of Gehena speaks it. Besided of Genji most Oni speak basic but with a very strong accent.