"I'm very interested in the Gregmoli house and mandalorian culture" Joel Teal

Story Edit

1-6- Felix Gregmoli was born on Dxun. He was bon with nice blonde hair and blue eyes. Not normal for mandos. He got a toy blaster when he was 3. And his first real blaster when he was six.

6-10- He had almost mastered his first blaster by the age of 8. But he got bored after a while and picked up his first vibroblade. He practiced with his father every day.

10-15- One day, he was running through the forest. Looking for a good hunt. and he came across an old white and green Mandalorian armor. He took it home and repainted it and touched up the technology. For the years to come he finds even more ways to improve it.


Felix and his Father.

16-20- When he turned 16 Felix decided he wanted to build his own swoop bike. He knew he couldn't take on this project alone, so he asked his father for a little help. And by the time he was 21he had finished the last polish.


The Gregmoli Insigna

21-29- When he heard that a new Mandalore was coming. He was very exited. He was in charge of the protection of the old Mandalore when the assasins attacked him. When the new Mandalore came he was suprised it was a girl. But he kept his mouth shut and accepted the role of War General for the new house named Gregmoli. He set out to find his right and left hand for his house. Magnum and Duri. Two of the Mandos he served with in the protection of the old Mandalore.

Personality Edit

"Wheres the rum? >.<" Felix to Duri Gregmoli

Felix Gregmoli has numerous mood swings. One minute he's happy, then he's serious, then he can be laid back. But he's incredibly loyal to whoevers higher ranked than him. If anybody badmouths Mandalore or the Mandalorian culture, they'd be dead in more or less 5 minutes. And his bad experience with the sith makes him have a big grudge against the sith.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

1. Rum

2. Riding his swoop

3. Playing with his serren sceptor

4. Going to random places

Dislikes Edit

1. People who steal his rum

2. Sith

3. Being asked questions

4. People who steal and drink his rum

See Also Edit

Hunter/Gregmoli Family

Gregmoli House
Felix Gregmoli
Biographical information
Date of birth14 BBY
Date of deathN/A
Physical description
Height1.85 meters
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era, New Jedi Order era

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