"Were pirates, follow the code or get get cut by the throat" Derg Byule

Name: Derg

Surname: Byule

Age: 27

Profession: Pirate

Birthplace: Corusaunt

It's not strange how Derg refound The Blue Star Pirates. Since his parents once were part of the old Blue Star. After Blue Star failed, Derg's parents went from pirates to being common theives. The old ship of the Blue Star was called The Serenity.

20 years later...

   Derg Byule, standing on top of a building on tatooine. Looking towards a bright future for the small group of pirates, but until he finds a crew, he won't be going into space yet. His two ships, called The Serenity 2 and The light corvette. He is in charge of the Serenity 2, and he is looking for a partner to be in charge of the light corvette. And if anything happens to Derg, his Co- captian will be in charge.

Heres the listings:

Leader: Derg Byule


Serenity 2 captain: Derg Byule

Light Corvette captain:

Serenity 2 crew:

Light Corvette crew:

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