Support Variant
Dc-15C Support Variant
Type Machine Gun
Faction(s) of origin Utapau
Era New Republic Era
Date of design 5 ABE
Production period 5 ABE-Present
Service duration 5 ABE-Present
Operators Utapau Infantry
War service Utapau Invasion
Variants It itself is a variant of the Dc-15C
Number built 6,520 (So far)
Type Machine Gun
Caliber .50 Caliber
Ammunition 630 Shots per clip
Feed system Clips fed into an opening in the back of the stock. Later versions might include being loaded into the side with the ammo counter on the clip instead of on the side of the rifle.
Action Automatic
Length One yard and 1/4 Feet
Barrel length One and 3/4 feet
Weight 45 Pounds
Rate of fire 630 Shots per minute
Muzzle velocity 300 feet per second
Effective range 506 Feet


This support variant of the Dc-15C sports a bipod instead of a grenade launcher. This makes a supported mode; the supported mode is an automatic mode supported by the bipod, and is more stable and accurate. It sports it supported mode and semi-automatic mode.


This stands as the Utapau army support weapon, to support infantry by putting down a very good base of fire. It is similar to a real life SAW.

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