Dc-15C Rifle
ExisEx Systems DC-15c Model
Type Automatic Assualt Rifle
Faction(s) of origin Utapau Star Empire
Era New Republic Era
Date of design 5 ABE
Production period 5 ABE-Present
Service duration 5 ABE-Present
Operators Utapau Infantry
War service 5 ABE-Present
Variants Dc-15C Support Rifle (Increased Rate of fire, more ammo, no grenade launcher. Instead, comes standard with a bi-pod. The stock length is also increased to fit the longer )
Number built 52,000 (So far)
Type Assualt Rifle
Caliber .50 Caliber
Ammunition 180 Shot Clips
Feed system Clips fed into an opening in the back of the stock. Later versions might include being loaded into the side with the ammo counter on the clip instead of on the side of the rifle.
Action Automatic
Length One Yard
Barrel length One and 3/4 feet
Weight 45 Pounds
Rate of fire 630 Per Minute
Muzzle velocity 202 Feet per second
Effective range 506 Feet


This weapon features something other standard rifles don't; a grenade launcher. The grenade's range is 180 meters, with an effective range of 140 meters. This weapon has full automatic and semi-automatic modes. The clip is actually loaded into a slot in the back of the stock, and is ejected by a button on the weapon.


This weapon is used as a standard firearm for the soldiers of the Utapau Star Empire/Republic. The specifications for the weapon was sent from Neo to his brother, Esis, who owned a firearms company. Esis sent back to him a very nice weapon, which is very accurate in semi-automatic, and accurate in close range with automatic modes. The Utapau army gladly accepted this weapon, and it is now the standard Utapau weapon.