DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
Production information
ManufacturerBlasTech Industries
Technical specifications
SizeHeavy blaster pistol
Capacity~25 shots
Era(s)Galactic Civil War
AffiliationGalactic Empire

Rebel Alliance Bounty hunters


The BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was a powerful sidearm from the time of the Galactic Civil War. It found some use by the Rebel Alliance on account of its ability to consistently penetrate Stormtrooper armor. As a side effect, however, it had a somewhat slow rate of fire and used about 4 times as much energy as a standard blaster, exhausting its clip in about 25 shots. It weighed about 1.3 kg. A unique feature of the DL-44 is the vibration system built into the handgrip. The weapon begins to vibrate gently to alert the user that the weapon's remaining energy is sufficient for five shots or fewer.

Merr-Sonn knock-offs include the Flash 4 and Power 5.

Gravik Kardo is among the many smugglers and bounty hunters who wield modified DL-44 blasters.

The blaster was also often used by Kyle Katarn's students, Jaden Korr, and Rosh Penin, even though they followed the teachings of the Jedi and wielded Lightsabers. This model of the DL-44 did not have as fast a fire rate as the E-11 blaster rifle or FC-1 flechette launcher, but its accuracy was unmatched. It also sported a charge function, to increase the level of armour piercing blasts were capable of.

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