This is where you will find a list of the current Simencio's and their ranks.

The Don: This rank can only be acheived unless approved(1) -Valor Ready Simencio(Ace)

The Dons Wife: Title says it all(1) -open

Capo Bastone: The second in command(1) -Tony The Gun Simencio(Valor's Brother)(Dex)

Consigliere: Advisor/family counselor(1) -Bruno 'Wizard' Silvio(Kelnos)

Contabile: Financial advisor(1) -open

Weapon Dealers: They make weapon deals, find new equipment, then sell it with consultant of the Don.(Unlimited) -open

The Earner: Someone whose expertise is making money for the Simencio's(1) -Tony Caparili Jr.(Kob)

Top Agent: They command all the agents and hitmen(including top hitman)most favored by the don(1) -Nikolai "Bats" Pistella(Beowulf)

Top Hitman: Is the most skilled fighter (Besides the Don) in the Simencios and is favored 2nd by the Don(1) -Arrim Renn(Sio)

Agent: Fighters for the Simencios(4) -Joey "Claps" Simencio(Smoke) -open -open -open

Hitman: A man assigned to kill a certain person.(8) -Johnny "Big" Simencio(Gravik Kardo) -open -open -open -open -open -open -open

Body Guard: They guard the Don at all times.(2) -open -open

Family Servant: They work for the family and might some day be a Simencio[Not entitled with the Simencio name](Unlimited) -open

Bounty Hunter: not part of the family but an assigned bounty hunter for it(Unlimited) -Anezka Dashk(Talim)