"You didn't actually expect to escape, did you?" - CrossBlade.

Dosha Akouji
Homeworld Tatooine
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Six Feet One Inch
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Affiliation Chaotic Neutral; the true term of whatever the 'job' takes in ordinance for completion.

CrossBlade (4,980 ABY-) is one of the top bounty hunter characters on RP-Generation

==Alignment:== Chaotic Neutral; the true term of whatever the 'job' takes in ordinance for completion.

===Occupation:=== Sturdily known as a Bounty Hunter, his reputation speaks before him. A face that is easily reckoned with fear for those with a shaded past. Also is Bounty Hunter Guild Leader. He organzizes the bountys and makes sure all bounties are payed.

===Weapon(s) of Choice:=== Apalled by the nature of blasters, his reliance in an ordinary DL-44 had no reluctance once it was destroyed in a close encounter with a Vanguard on Corellia. Now this schematic of a fiend wields only a repeater on his side and sheeming metal with sparking generators that flowed through the core of the spiralling blades. All through the time of his 'hunting' the blade itself looks undamaged, miracously.

===Commencment Technique:=== Configured in the ancient arts of the swordplay techniques of 'Drey-Karu', Dosha Akouji became an extremely deadly encounter. After the disposal of his own trainer and pillaging of his old mentors weapons, he earned the title of 'CrossBlade'; in definition of wretched ally. Now his only two 'trustees' the warped swords hang idly in a red holster on his back.

Tactical Operations | Weaponary Benefits.

Mastery of the ancient swordsmanship 'Drey-Karu'.
Finness in advancary aerial manuevers to a low-extent.
Correspondence with Droid Unit's.
High-potentiality in repairs of any vehicular device.

Chapter One: The Beginning

Dosha Akouji was born on the sloopy hills of Tatooine, the past-tense form of his mind was much more complex than any ordinary child his own age. Soon shifted with tainted emotions and anger, the loss of his own family.

Now raised on the streets, a firm fighter, and a mean advesary in all but a conversation of cunning methods to get to his acquired goal.

After much business of retailing spice, and other deviant work-careers, the blazed youngster chose the path of killing, the revenge of taking what was taken from him at a young age. He became a fearless mercenary, spewing with no acceptance toward any form of authority or disputal act of defense.

At the age of twenty, his residence has took him back after many missions coicidentally to his own home planet, on Tatooine. Allocated primarily to a new friend, the Lockheart palace