The Coruscant Guard was a specialized branch of the Imperial stormtroopers who served as law enforcers on Coruscant and a few other Core Worlds during the height of the Galactic Empire. Under Palpatine's issue of martial law and sweeping emergency powers, the Coruscant Guard were empowered to search any facility or dwelling, arrest any citizen, and locate and detain suspected criminals and Rebel agents. These elite troops rarely saw combat, and were instead strictly for police service.

The Coruscant Guards wore light yet heavily padded crimson and black armor that provided protection against physical attacks. Their sophisticated battle helmet which was lined with advanced sensors, allowed them to work in complete darkness, and also contained a comlink scrambler for communication with fellow personnel. A unit commander's helmet was also equipped with a voice activated heads-up display that showed Coruscant Guard positions.

Optional tracking beacon software let a unit commander know the whereabouts of his subordinates at all times. Their weapons were the Merr-Sonn taser staves, Merr-Sonn e-ss Suppressor riot rifle, stun grenades, and the blaster rifle. The Merr-Sonn taser staves were used to control crowds and suppress riots. It also had variable power settings and was capable of delivering a lethal or incapacitating charge when it strikes its target. Some Coruscant Guards also carried the more advanced Merr-Sonn R-88 Suppressor riot rifle.

It was quite entirely possible that these troops were descendants of the Republic shock troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

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