Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Product Line YT series
Model YT-2400 Transport
Class Light Freighter
Length 21 meters
Armament 1 laser turret
Crew 2
Affiliation Various

The YT-2400 was a freighter class spaceship produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Similar to other YT series ships, it featured a saucer-shaped hull and a starboard-mounted command pod. Stock YT-2400 ships were 21 meters in length, required two pilots and were armed with a single laser cannon turret, although the ship was easily customized for modifications to the stock frame. Thus, the design was favored by mercenaries and smugglers, or any other being in need of a well-armed "transport".

Dash Rendar's Outrider was a heavily modified YT-2400 freighter, and perhaps the most famous use of the ship amongst fringers.