These are the rules for the server, forums, force users, and admins. Below you will find full definitions of the rules.


These are the rules for the server, forums, force users, and admins.

Forum RulesEdit

Hello everyone. Here's a list of forum rules that I expect all members to follow, Admins alike. These rules are ment to enforce good attitudes within the forums, and help our members get along with each other, for the most part.

1) Flaming and blatantly mean insults are not allowed.

2) Heavy swearing is NEVER allowed. We will have members as young as 12/13 here. We don't need to use the 'f word', or anything as severe.

3) Please, try not to double post. It takes up forum space.

4) If any moderator sees that you're spamming the forums through either Double Posting, or posting one word sentences such as 'lol', or 'roflmao', they can either edit, or delete your post.

5) Pornography or anything of the sort should not be posted on our forums. If any member break these rules, they suffer severe punishment or be banned from the forums for 3 - 7 days. Consider this a warning.

6) Please, limit your signatures to 1 or 2 small pictures. There is no need to throw an entire gallery of yourself and In-Character pictures on the signature.

7) Do not put any offensive language, or related material in signatures as well as avatars.

8) Please limit your avatar size. If it is to big, I will private message you notifying on accordance with the flaw.

Server RulesEdit

1) Please, keep the swearing down somewhat. I don't want to hear any strong words within the Rpg-Saga server.

2) Always respect Administrators. Their job is hard, and they can't always do things perfectly.

3) Most roles must be approved by faction leaders. Please make sure you are approved before roleplaying a character.

4) Laming is not tolerated. You will be dealt with by and Admin if you do. Lame lamer, and you will be treated like one.

5) Please, don't interfere with other player's roleplays, unless they have said you can join.

6) Don't mass spawn. If you do, it'll result in either a punish, or a kick.

7) Our OOC channel is like many other servers: /clanpass ooc within the console, and then /say_team_mod clan

8) If you are killed within a roleplay, please come back to the place you were killed and type /amdie 1 or 2 in your console, and lay there for atleast 20 seconds, depending on the extent of your wounds.

9) If you are killed 4 times in one hour, your character in permanently killed.

10) Lastly, have fun!