"I'm not your sevant anymore." Cashe to his adoptive mother

Story Edit

A frieghtor can be seen flying toward the closest planet. Inside, a woman is in labor.

Father: Alright you can do this, hunny.

The woman groans, tears running down her face.

Mother: Oh god, I can't do it.

Father: Yes you can, push darling, push.

The woman screams with a hard push.

Father: Ok, one more big push.

The scream can be heard throughout the whole ship. A doctor cuts off the cord and gives it to the mother.

Doctor: It's a healthy baby boy.

Mother: Cashe, do you like that name darling?

The mother hands the baby to the father, then closes her eyes. The heart monitor starts beeping franticly.

Father: Laura!

Doctor: She's in cardiac arrest.

The doctor tries to save her, then the heart moniter stops.

Doctor: I'm sorry sir, she's dead.

The man looks at Cashe, then at the doctor.

Man: I can't rais him by myself.

A hooded figure stands in the door.

???: Your child is strong in the force, I'd be willing to take him, and train him.

Father: But, who are you?

The man walks up, a smooth face under the hood.

???: None of your concern, but do you want your child to have a good life?

Father: Yes, but not the life of darkness.

???: Don't worry I will protect him with my life, until he kills me of course.

The father hands Cashe to him.

Father: I have one request. His name shall be Cashe.

???: Cashe, that is good name for a legend to be.

The hooded figure and the baby dissapear.

20 years later...

  • Cashe hangs from two shackles in a Imperial prison on Tatooine, two droids have scrambled his brain so he can't concentrate enough to use the force, then two Stormtroopers walk in*

Stormtrooper: Unlock him, it's time for prisoner transfer.

  • One stormtrooper unlocks the shackles from the wall and he falls to the ground*

Stormtrooper: Pick him up, he's unconcieuss

  • The Stormtrooper picks him up and brings him to a shuttle to Commenor*


Cashe sits in his cell on Commenor, then the door opens and a woman with dark green eyes and black hair throws the body of a stormtrooper on the ground, her name was Salina Woodlock. Shortyly after that, he met the leader of a group called Sky Haven, and she gave him a card with a phone number on it. And when he went to go book a room he met Salina again, she invites him over for a drink later, but he couldn't make it. So, he met her outside her room to say sorry...
Cashe Farlance
Biographical information
Date of birth3 BBY
Physical description
Hair colorDark Blonde
Eye colorBrown
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic Era
AffiliationKOTOR group

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