Commonly noted weapons in RPG System.


  • DC-15 - The standard weapon of the Imperial Remnant soldier, and heavily modified from it's original version.
  • E-11 - The E-11 served as the standard weapon for the Imperial Stormtrooper until the DC-15 soon replaced it. Probably the most common weapon in the galaxy, and very inaccurate.
  • Dc-15C - the Utapau standard weapon, and a descendant of the Clonetrooper rifle.
  • Dc-15C Support Rifle - The Utapau standard support weapon, a variant of the Dc-15C
  • "AutoTusken" - A homemade slugthrower rifle made by Max-Tex that fires bulleted projectiles rather than blaster bolts. It looks strikingly similar to an M4A1 Assault Rifle and even disassembles like one. Later, Max develops it so it has sniper attachments. Az-Tex has a slightly different replica.
  • T-28 Repeating Sniper Rifle - The standard long-range/precission sniper weapon of an Imperial Scout Trooper during the Galactic Civil War.
  • DLT-20A - A popular long rifle.
  • MRT-100 - The standard weapon of the Imperial Army Ranger. This gun resembles the Thomson M1.


  • DL-44 - A common heavy blaster. Gravik Kardo was known to use these types of pistols, and has since made the weapon quite infamous.
  • DE-10 - High-powered, blue-bolted blaster pistols usually with a detachable scope. A heavier "Magnum" model exists that delivers a more powerful blast, but at the cost of more power from the energy magazine. Max-Tex was known to use these types of pistols.
  • Westar-34 - Exceedingly rare and very expensive to modify, they are among the most sleek and professional blaster pistols in the galaxy. The make of the weapon can resist being melted and it's design makes it practically weightless. Very powerful at close range.