Previous battle None, Beginning of Conflict
Next battle Second Battle of Utapau
Sinkhole city
First Battle of Utapau
Conflict Utapau "Crisis"/Conquest
Date 5 ABE
Place Pau City
Result Exelor Star Force Victory; Formation of the Utapau Republic/Former Star Empire

Exelor Star Force

Utapau Militia


Former High Emperor Neo Exelor Lt. General Daniel Du'jj Rear Admiral Kurant Major General Kaeric Tarel Eosis Exelor

High Council of Utapau


47,000 Infantry 32 Capital Ships 245 Support Tanks 450 Z-95s 130 TIE Fighters

20,000 Militia 630 Suicide-rigged Republic Gunships 3 Rebuilt IG-100s 650 P-38s


1,890 Soldiers 176 Support Tanks (All Casualties of Tanks are from Suicide Attacks) 78 TIE Fighters

Entire Utapau Militia in the City, with the exception of the P-38s; Most were captured

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