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Battle of Rinn
Conflict Galactic Civil War
Date 5 ABY
Place Rinn
Result Victory of the Imperial Forces, Rinn joins the Empire

The Imperial Remnant

The New Republic / Rinn Militia


various(including Moff O´Shea)


 The Zion
 10 Stardestroyers 
 160  other Capital ships 
 630 Starfighters
 90 000 Landing Troops(including mechanized infantry)
  1 MC80 Star Cruiser(Olean)
  3 MC40a light cruiser
  2 CC-9600 frigates
  120 Starfighters (NR)
  50 Light Starfighters(Rinn Militia)
  8 000 soldiers of the New Republic
  4 000 soldiers of the Rinn Militia
  130 Starfighters 
  14 Shuttles 
  1604 Troops
 1  MC80 Star Cruiser
 all capital ships damaged
 74 Starfighters
 50 Light Starfighters (Rinn Militia)
 430 NR Soldiers
 3 060 Soldiers of the Milita
 877 Civilians  

The Battle Of Rinn

The Battle of Rinn was a fight betwean the Imperial Navy/Army and the New Republic Navy/Army and the Rinn Militia, after Rinns Goverment refused Moff O´Shea´s claim to power over the Planet of Rinn the Imperial fleet startid a masive assult at the planet of Rinn.

Political Structures Before the Battle

Rinn was a Independent and Democratic world, rejecting the Empire compleatly, jet the Empire claimed control over Rinn, Moff O´Shea offerd Rinn a contract providing them with semi independence if they woud retire from the New Republic. As the Goverment of Rinn Refused this Open War was inpreventable.

The Battle

The New Republic forces who had joined the poor armed Milita did not expect an atack of this dimensions the Olean was one of the first victims of the sudently atacking imperial forces, it was destroyed in the first 10 minutes after the imperial forces left the hyperspace, without a flagship the new republic forces organisation was almost entierly gone , some commanders startid smal atacks without approvel of ther supervisors , 30 minutes after the battle begain the New Republic forces pulled back to the rear side of Rinn reorganising. The imperial forces used this time to prepare ther landing operation, the milita startid a hopeless counter atack, and the poorly trained pilotes and ther weak armed starfighters who where outnumberd 12 to 1 where blastid in less then a minute. After this the Imperial Army startid to land ther troops outnumbering the new republic and the milita quickly, after 2 hours of house-to-house fighting the New Republic forces recived the command to retreat, the remaining milita troops where no match for the highly trained imperial forces.


The Rinn Goverment was Forced to sign a Contract with the Empire granting them full control over Rinn and Removing Rinn from the New Republic.