Manufacturer Gehena Royal Shipyards
Model Akki class Battle Cruiser
Class Battle Cruiser
Length 400 metres
Hyperdrive Class 0.9
Crew 545
Passengers 218
Weapons 2 Large Tachyon Blasters(each has abaut 20 times the firepower of a hevy turbolaster but slow fire rate)

25 Anti Starfighter/Missile Tachyon Cannons(smal damage but high fire rate, does no damage to the hull amor of capital ships)

8 Medium Tachyon Blasters(featuring a firepower slightly higher then a turbolaser)

5 Tractor Beam Projectors

Shields 1300 SBD /imune to Ion-Based Damage
Hull 1 180 RU
Starfighter Complement 15 Light Gehena Fighters

5 Hevy Gehena Fighters

4 Gehena Shuttles

Cargo Capacity 19 000 metric tons
Consumables 2 years
Affiliation Princess Ayumi Natsu Aoki

The Ashura is a akki class battle cruiser,and the only remaining capital ship in the Starfleet of Gegena, feturining hevy weapons and a overall of 545 crewmans and 204 soldiers, together with 14 other people this is the overall population remaining from the Oni. With her ship and the small attendance Ayumi tryes to take revenge on the aliance and keeps atacking smaler ships such as Corvettes or Light Cruisers of the aliance navy.