The mother of Az-Tex and Max-Tex. While escaping their home after the death of Ran-Tex, she and the young siblings climbed into their landspeeder. One of the assassins destroyed the speeder, Alice was flung from the pilot's seat while the car tumbled with the two children inside. Alice suffered a concussion and was subsequently trapped under the heavy speeder. Az and Max managed to slip away, although Az insisted that they help their mother out. Max was powerless and only knew what he had to do: Get away as far as possible. Alice was found a year later maddened by the death of her husband, the loss of her children, and the heat of the Tatooine deserts. Imperial authorities sent her to an asylum on Dathomir where she would spend the rest of her life mourning her losses. Both Max and Az were under the impression she was dead the whole time.
Alice Supena-Tex
Biographical information
Date of birth37 BBY
Date of death30 ABY
Physical description
Height1.50 meters
Hair colorUnknown
Eye colorUnknown
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era, New Jedi Order era