Administrative Region of Kessel(ARK) Edit

Capital: Kessendra(Kessel)

Chief of regional Goverment: Moff O´Shea

Region: Outer Rim Territories

Economy: The ARK is a import dependent region, it produces 84% of its food itself and only 68% of its industrial products ,its strong mining sector cant make this up, even if more then 75% of the mining products are geting exportid.

Military: the sector fleet consists of abaut 1500 capital ships.

Important Planets(not all of them are listed):

F'tral exports large quantities of drinking water and deuterium.

Honoghr houses some minor mining operations, mainly diamonds.

Kuthul holds the home base of a starfighter training center.

Kessel holds the local capital and the biggest spice mine in the known galaxy aswell as some chemical industry.

Kubindi houses some mining operations, but more importantly it holds many solar power plants.

Lowick is the center of forestry in the ARK.

Norval II holds a large military base.

Zerm holds a major agriculture sector and produces 56% of the food needed in the ARK.

Rinn was left my most humans after the imperials captured it, it still has a smal trade outpost.

Tammar is a member of the New Republic, jet there is no war abaut it since the Tammarian Goverment agreed on a montly pay of 5,000,000 credits for a peace treaty with the Empire, this couses the Tammarian economy to entierly brake down.

Teth houses some manufacturing industry.

Aduba-3 holds a trade outpost and a smal space port.

Barab I is the location of a medium sized mining operation.

Kegan is semi-independend, it holds some minor industry.

Fwillsving is a smuggler base on the Kessel-Run, for this reason there is a major navy base locatid in the orbit.

Akrit'tar is an imperial prison world, many industrily products are manufactured here by the prisoners.

The Maw is a large research center, mainly developing new weapons.

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